Bamboo long skirt - agapantha purple

Bamboo long skirt - agapantha purple

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Bamboo long skirt - Agapantha. This is 67% bamboo, 28% o.cotton and 5% spandex. The Agapantha plant was introduced to Australia from South Africa. We currently do this on our skirts in white only. The design is approx 8 inches long and 6 inches across. Always positioned on the back lower right side of the skirt, however this skirt you can wear either way around. If you like the design on the front just turn the skirt around.

These lovely bamboo skirts are designed in Australia and currently made overseas, except the new black ones which are also made in Australia. The screen printing of the Agapantha is water based so also environmentally friendly and hand screen printed by a Sunshine Coast small business.

The stretchy waistbands are 18cm long, fold them in half, push them down, or simply leave up. Length of the skirt in the small from bottom of the 18cm waistband is 74cm. This long skirrt has a 2nd angled layer from the top, you can tie the end in a knott if you choose or simply leave free.

All the benefits of bamboo can be seen on our blog page.

Skirt sizes: XS (8) S (10) , M (12), L (14), XL (16)