How to avoid chemicals in your clothes

Here are 4 helpful hints on how to avoid chemicals in your clothing.  There will always be some form of chemical in your clothing as they are used in every area of process, however these tips can be useful.

1   Wash and dry synthetic fabrics three times before wearing them, better still dont buy clothing that is made from polyester or nylon.  

2   Do not use convention dryer sheets as they are loaded with toxic chemicals. An excellent alternative is Static Eliminator, a reusable dryer sheet system  with woven sheets that take static cling out and soften fabric without toxic chemicals.

3   Avoid dry cleaning your clothes, perchloroethylene is a chemical most widely used in dry cleaning, it is a VOC known to cause cancer in animals. There are environmentally friendly dry cleaners that do not use this chemical.

4   Wash your clothing in non-toxic detergent, as these are non-caustic and free from petroleum  solvents, fragrances and dyes.